Waiting is the hardest part

You can’t take mistakes back. You can only fix them… well try to, anyhow. Sometimes you can do so yourself. Sometimes, you depend on others for help. This time, unfortunately, I had to depend on the USPS for the assistance.

When I stared at the kiosk screen to send my passport to the Embassy of Uzbekistan, I thought it couldn’t hurt to see if I would get lucky and have it delivered on Saturday. It wasn’t. Common sense would tell you that if you paid $20 to send something express, another attempt to deliver it would be done on Monday. I don’t know how else to tell the postal service that this envelope is really freaking important and must be delivered ASAP. However, when I checked the tracking and see that it wasn’t delivered, I am told that I must contact them to have it REdelivered. Well, actually, the embassy is supposed to do that. However, I felt confident that the kind Uzbeks that work in the embassy could care less about my travel plans or the urgency in which the visa is processed. So, I took it upon myself to insure that my passport be redelivered Monday morning. After some confusion on the other end of the phone, I believed I had successfully done so because I had a confirmation number written.

This morning, I woke up to find that the tracking information hadn’t been updated at all. I called the USPS again to see if they could tell me whether the envelope is on a truck to be delivered today or not. Rather than put me in touch with someone in DC, I am given a customer service rep here in Dallas. While Libby was extremely helpful and professional, she was unable to speak with someone in DC, either.

Why not just chill and let things develop on their own? Well, this is the same USPS that chose to ignore my request to waive my signature when my passport came back from the Embassy of Kazakhstan, causing me to stakeout my post office until 8PM waiting for my carrier to return so I could get my passport. That’s after I shortened my rock climbing session paranoid that Mr Willis would shutter the post office as soon as that last carrier returned for the night. In the end, they delivered it at 1PM, but not without much concern whether it would return to Dallas or just sit in the post office in DC. Yes, these are extreme measures, but even with them, it’s likely that I will get my passport the Monday (as in the 15th of April) I fly to Almaty, Kazakhstan. I really hope I get it Friday or Saturday, but I have to be realistic here. Government bureaucrats from Uzbekistan are processing my visa. Fingers crossed, folks!


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